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US-1866253-A: Gas shut-off system and apparatus patent, US-1866463-A: Combination necktie and handkerchief display folder patent, US-1867435-A: Method of preparing solid adsorbents patent, US-1868030-A: Feeder for hully cotton patent, US-1868116-A: Regulator patent, US-186877-A: Improvement in lightning-rod couplings patent, US-1869416-A: Support for sliding members in knitting machines patent, US-1869457-A: Apparatus for handling eggs patent, US-1870285-A: Playpen patent, US-187297-A: Improvement in windmills patent, US-1873261-A: Sign patent, US-1873276-A: Method and apparatus for bending wood patent, US-1873811-A: Stocking patent, US-1874154-A: Electrically driven system of instruments through keyboard and pedals patent, US-1874611-A: Water supply regulator patent, US-1875566-A: Strip steel coil-unwinder patent, US-187653-A: Improvement in machines for winding and stretching silk thread patent, US-187666-A: Improvement in paper boxes patent, US-1877405-A: Automatic overflow control patent, US-1878185-A: Process for obtaining fertilizers patent, US-1878216-A: Screw cutting die patent, US-1878346-A: Trailer cart patent, US-1878447-A: Illuminated flagpole patent, US-1878566-A: Internal combustion engine patent, US-1878820-A: Feeding mechanism patent, US-1879391-A: Adjustable horse-collar patent, US-188025-A: Improvement in coffee-pots patent, US-1880914-A: Waterless gas holder patent, US-1881603-A: Refrigerating apparatus patent, US-1882905-A: Tinsel garland patent, US-1883485-A: Laminated sheet building material patent, US-188355-A: Improvement in fastenings for the soles of boots and shoes patent, US-1883782-A: Self-adjusting ball joint patent, US-1884189-A: Combined calculating and card printing and perforating machine patent, US-1884206-A: Reconditioning alloy steel patent, US-188446-A: Improvement in flexible tubing patent, US-1884659-A: Sponge mitt patent, US-1884894-A: Fuel burner patent, US-1885055-A: Automatic photographic printing machine patent, US-1885084-A: Double door hardware patent, US-1885452-A: Abrading, buffing, or polishing drum patent, US-1885484-A: Pneumatic tire and wheel patent, US-1886014-A: Bearing construction patent, US-1886055-A: Method of forming boxes consisting of two parts one of which has a curved wall patent, US-1886403-A: Heat exchanger patent, US-1886714-A: Motor driven fluid pump patent, US-1886768-A: Outlining device patent, US-1886788-A: Car door and locking means therefor patent, US-1887773-A: Clinograph patent, US-1888238-A: Latch patent, US-1888380-A: Skelp forming machine patent, US-1888497-A: Electric heater patent, US-188853-A: Improvement in windmills patent, US-1888995-A: Headlight patent, US-1889133-A: Means for locking plain end pipe sections with respect to the couplings therefor patent, US-1889897-A: Surface plate patent, US-1890221-A: Method and apparatus for leveling and shearing metal stock patent, US-1890749-A: Locking slider for fasteners patent, US-1890863-A: Signal operating mechanism patent, US-189089-A: Improvement in oil-stone holders patent, US-1891999-A: Adjustable barber chair seat patent, US-1893301-A: Die casting machine patent, US-1894155-A: Marker patent, US-1894271-A: Electrolytic treatment of solutions containing a high percentage of chlorine ions patent, US-1894343-A: Suction cleaner patent, US-1894612-A: Hair waving apparatus patent, US-1894788-A: Aiming apparatus for antiaircraft fire patent, US-1894929-A: Actuating mechanism for pressing machines patent, US-1894991-A: Bed tray patent, US-1895283-A: Adjustable stepped display device patent, US-1895457-A: Fastening inserting mechanism patent, US-1897145-A: Paper manufacture patent, US-1897973-A: Method of and apparatus for melting glass patent, US-1898172-A: Vacuum insulation patent, US-189977-A: Improvement in steam road-wagons patent, US-1900200-A: Supercharger patent, US-190036-A: Improvement in ice-machines patent, US-1900601-A: Loose leaf book patent, US-1901154-A: Vacuum condensation pump patent, US-190266-A: Improvement in fountain-pens patent, US-1902969-A: Feed water heater for locomotives patent, US-1903710-A: Gyroscopically stabilized pendulum patent, US-1904217-A: Metal fixture for typewriter desks patent, US-1905146-A: Flow controlled switch patent, US-1905164-A: Broaching machine patent, US-1905363-A: Rubber articles of every kind patent, US-1905707-A: Indicating means for turntables and the like patent, US-1906076-A: Cotton cleaning equipment patent, US-1906385-A: Bicycle frame and method of making it patent, US-1907631-A: Valve structure patent, US-1909267-A: Guide for bricklayers' use patent, US-1909784-A: Abrasive product and method of making the same patent, US-1910310-A: Convertible safety razor patent, US-1910555-A: Self-adjustable, self-supporting, hanger rod patent, US-1910866-A: Resistor patent, US-1911249-A: Method and apparatus for incubation of eggs patent, US-191140-A: Improvement in bracelets patent, US-1911419-A: Process of treating oils refined with recovered acid patent, US-1912143-A: Carrier transfer means patent, US-1912423-A: Blasting cap patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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